Help kids understand their emotions with this new book

Whether you are gearing up for Mental Health Awareness Month, have a classroom full of kids to teach about Social-Emotional Learning, or want a beautiful book to snuggle up next to your own anxious kid with... meet This Is The Head That I Have, written and illustrated by parenting therapist Roya Dedeaux.

Who is this book for?

When I started to write it, I intended it to be for kids of all ages, but especially in the 6-8 year old range. In addition to working with kids in my practice, I also have a few of my own! I thought it would be like a conversation that we have often - about the texture & visceral experience of our feelings! After I finished it and showed it to some folks, it became obvious that it isn't only for children - it's really for the parents and educators as well. It gives the chance to sit down and have a lot of concrete conversation about abstract emotions.



What are you hoping to achieve with this book?

I hope that kids and adults everywhere see themselves and their feelings somewhere in these pages. Feelings are so hard to talk about, and a lot of us got messages our whole lives about being too intense or too much. I wanted to create a book that WAS intense, colorful, and let you sink into each emotion described. I want to give parents and educators a tool to help talk about feelings with kids -- whether it's through the metaphors and similes in this book, or the feelings the illustrations evoke. I want to give a place to connect all of the chaos and beauty and whirlwind of feelings.

What should we look for next?

An educators edition will be coming out soon! This will not only have the original book, but will also have pages to copy and use in a hands on way. Join the email list here to be informed of that release!

Parents and teachers should also look at my non-fiction book, Connect with Courage if they are learning more about the importance of recreation, leisure, and play on children's social-emotional learning and mental health.

What are others saying about This Is The Head That I Have?

"It's so beautiful! The first read-through made me cry (in a good way)." Mama reader

"There were so many references to items and animals mixed with feelings...explaining the feelings. I recognized anxiety and fear. It was interesting to relate to things in the story when we didn't know we had those feelings." -12 year old reader

"I absolutely loved the conversations that came as a result of reading this with my daughters. We have found new ways of explaining our big emotions and new ways to get to a place of feeling safe." Mama reader



Roya Dedeaux is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, author, and speaker. She helps parents play with purpose, and uses the power of recreation, leisure, and play to help improve mental health across many platforms! Become a Patreon Supporter and get ideas, inspiration, and help with implementation here!

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