We all have times like that, when the real you on the inside is having a hard time surfacing. At best, this can be uncomfortable, and at worst, it can feel paralyzing. Maybe your reality isn't matching what you thought it was going to be like. Maybe you are anxious about a transition or situation. Maybe you are struggling with communicating your wants in your relationships. Maybe you just know you’ve got so much more to say but feel like no one else sees it.

Don’t keep it stuffed inside any longer – I can help.

My name is Roya Dedeaux, I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT #95302)
and I would like to offer you the tools to help you express yourself better – whatever that means to you.

Great for clients who prefer to sit inside to talk in a more traditional therapy setting, or who want to use art or sand tray as part of their therapy.

Located in Los Alamitos, CA

In Office Sessions


Great for clients who do their best processing while they are on the move. Reap the benefits of being in a beautiful natural setting while talking with your therapist.

Located in Long Beach, CA

Nature Walk Sessions

Great for clients who have difficulty making it in to the office, who have small children at home, and want to choose from video, phone, or text based sessions.

Located where ever you are

Online Sessions

Whether you are a seasoned homeschooler, or someone who has just heard the term "unschooler" - home/unschooling families have unique needs which we can address through in-person, online, or in-nature sessions.

Online or in-person

Homeschool Coaching

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