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Updated: Sep 20

As a therapist working with parents and their kids - I am frequently asked for my favorite resources! I decided to put them together in a list so it's easy to find! Check back, I might add more!

Also make sure to check out my favorite resources for parents with kids who are gamers, and my favorite homeschooling family resources as well!


Connect with Courage, how to release fear and find joy in the places your kids take you, by Roya Dedeaux

This book is for you if you have kids and your kids have interests! Therapist Roya Dedeaux (yup, that's me) helps you go through common emotional and logistical barriers to supporting your kids interests -- and why that support is absolutely vital to their well-being and success.

Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal

This is non-fiction at its absolute finest. If you know or love a video game player, you owe it to yourself to read this book. Jane McGonigal provides an incredible analysis of the research on video game play and what it does to us individually and as a society. It's one of my top 3 favorite books of all time.

Love More, by Shannon Loucks

This delightful sweet read is written by a mom of 2, and I think makes a really wonderful bedside table addition. It's the perfect book to leave handy so when you need a reset moment, you can grab it, open it, and remind yourself of the powerful effect a spontaneous dance party can have!

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

I love the practical sound bites from this book. It's got immediate language and other pieces you can put into use right away. Really helpful, practical book for parents.

Community and Social Media

Unschooling Mom2Mom

Yes, this is specifically a resource for folks wanting a richer, more connected unschooling life -- but if you are even close to that, I think it's got a treasure trove of incredible resources for all types of parenting topics. Check out Sue's podcast, mailing list, and helpful guides

Play with Purpose group

Monthly membership group where you get community, accountability, a weekly group zoom call, and daily prompts and inspiration. Ideal for busy moms who are trying to do their best while juggling all the things.

Thegentlemamma Instagram

Every time a parenting meme makes me pause my scroll to hit the like button - it turns out to be from this account! I love the frequent reminders to be sweet, gentle, understanding, and respectful of our kids.

Games and Entertainment

Playing Cards

Need a little extra inspiration for playing with your kids? This deck of "playing cards" has a little bit of education on each about the power and importance of play - along with a fun prompt to get you going!


If you haven't watched this movie yet... well. Hop to it! Just about EVERY family dynamic issue that can happen in a family has moment in this movie. It opens up so very many conversations with folks from all generations. If you want to check out the webinar I did on creating healthier parenting patterns using this movie as a guide, here you go!

Child of Mine

This is a journal with prompts for you to write letters to your kids. You can write them and give them to your children one at a time, or fill in the whole book before giving it to them!

What are your favorite parenting resources? I'd love to hear! Put them in the comments so we can all check them out!


Roya Dedeaux is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with several decades of working with teens and their families. She especially loves to work with homeschoolers and folks who feel like they don’t quite “fit the mold.” She is also the author of Connect with Courage: how to release fear and find joy in the places your kids take you. Check out her work, webinars, games, and other projects at

For more ideas for your own creative exploration or playful parenting, check out my Patreon. For just $1.00/month you get access to journal prompts and podcasts. Each tier provides even more!

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