3 Favorite Mental Health Songs

Bad for Me

Meghan Trainor has recently released this amazing song, producing incredibly evocative feelings about setting boundaries with family you love who are...bad for you. It's beautifully written and sung, and I really love how she speaks to the dual feelings of - loving someone AND recognizing how unhealthy they are. If you are someone who has a parent or loved one with narcissistic personality disorder, addiction, or other severe mental health disorders - this song might hit home.

What Do You Hear In These Sounds

Dar Williams, one of my all-time favorite musicians has a WHOLE SONG about how great therapy is!!! I love how she shows off the exploration process that therapy is. If you have ever wondered how to articulate the hard-to-describe benefits of a great therapy session, this song does it so sweetly.


Meghan Trainor is at it again! This one is not related to mental health in any literal sense - but the whole dang song is about putting up boundaries and sticking to them. So even if the specific situation she sings about isn't quite what you're struggling with... get this "no to the no to the nah nah nah" stuck in your head and let it help you remember that "No is a complete sentence."

My clients and I bring up music, art, TikToks, memes, and games a lot during our sessions. Our feelings, our shared experiences, our relationships - they're reflected in pop culture and it's such a valuable tool to explore how we fit into all of that. It's also a really important tool for parents trying to connect with their kids.

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Roya Dedeaux is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with several decades of working with teens and their families. She especially loves to work with homeschoolers and folks who feel like they don’t quite “fit the mold.” She is also the author of Connect with Courage: how to release fear and find joy in the places your kids take you. Check out her work, webinars, games, and other projects at www.royadedeaux.com

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