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Following my kids interests and passions has helped us connect, taught me new things, and made our lives better, kinder, and sweeter. I’m excited that other parents will have this as a resource they can go through when needed.

I love the way the material is laid out, the questions and ideas presented are always done gently and with curiosity.

If you're a parent who wants to learn how to better support your kids, you need this!

-Gwen Montoya

My parents made a decision when I was young
that changed the course of my life forever.


I'm Roya Dedeaux
(rhymes with play-dough)

I’m a licensed therapist, author, and speaker. I’ve worked my whole life helping parents release fear and find joy in the places their kids take them.
When I say “whole life” I mean it! I left public school at the ripe old age of 10 because conventional education wasn’t working for me. 
     It wasn’t working when I came home from school crying because I wanted to study ocean life and the teacher assigned me the desert-loving Kangaroo Rat. 
    It wasn’t working when I said I couldn’t wait to spend my summer vacation in the library, and my classmates made fun of me. 
     It wasn’t working when I was fascinated by the Gold Rush but wasn’t allowed to keep reading because it was “time to move on.”


 I was starting to hide under the teacher’s desk, I was feeling overwhelmed. I was getting resentful at the lack of control. Behavioral issues were right around the corner.
I left 4th grade and never went back.

When I graduated with a degree in Recreation &Leisure Studies from CSULB, I left with the academic language for what I knew deep in my bones:

The path to children’s success is through supporting their interests.

Through the process of receiving my Master’s in Counseling, becoming a licensed therapist, speaking at hundreds of conferences and working with thousands of families - I saw the mental health connection over and over again.  


Supporting your kid's interests is the key to your relationship and their mental health.

The power of connecting to your kids through their interests impacts them on an individual, relational, and societal level! This profound knowledge led to my first book - Connect with Courage 

I wrote this book and created the companion course because now, as a parent myself, I recognize just how hard it can be to make changes on your own –  even when you know it’s what your children need.


Just imagine…


  • Your teenager thanks you for hanging out with them.

  • Watching as your kid turns off the TV and starts an art project on their own.

  • Two hour bedtime battles turning into your kid taking the lead. 

  • Being the person your teenager asks for help with friend drama. 

  • Driving with your kiddo chatting happily next to you sharing their latest joy.

  • Seeing your kid generously giving their favorite toy to their little sibling.

  • Hearing from another mom how interesting and knowledgeable your kid is.

  • Witnessing your kids form friendships with people you know will write them letters of recommendation when they need them later.

  • The melt-downs over screen time disappear completely.

Connect with Courage Parenting Course

  • Some number of bite-size videos

  • Bright and easy to follow presentation

  • Links to worksheets for deep-diving exploration

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get 2 one-on-one coaching calls with Roya Dedeaux with your parenting couse!

100% online, self-paced & bite size pieces

  • 24/7 access to # in-depth training videos

  • In-depth printable worksheets on each topic for deep-dives about your own kids and parenting

  • 2 Connecting Calls - 1 on 1 video calls with Roya Dedeaux to bookend your course experience

No more uncertainty about if you’re doing the right thing –
get proof from your own kids

  • Actionable solutions you can implement immediately.

  • Step by step guides that help you relate to your kids no matter what they’re doing.

  • Make change in a way that respects your kids, values your children, and honors your attachment.

Feel lighter and more joyful in just a few days.

  • Go from feeling worried and overwhelmed to connected and playful

  • Improve your kids sense of self-worth and self-esteem with just a few minutes a day

  • Watch as they make connections you could never have dreamed of

Connect with a delightful community of understanding parents

  • Get daily supportive Quests in our members-only Facebook group

  • Get feedback and cheer leading from other parents who understand what you’re going through

  • Surround yourself with a purposeful parenting community - parents who also want to respect their kids and treat them like full people!

Get 1 on 1 Connection -
because your situation is one of a kind

  • Receive 2 video Connecting Calls with Roya to go over your specific needs and questions

  • Get answers to questions and feedback on your worksheets

  • Have access to other journals, games, and tools whenever you need them

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The exercises are simple and easy to connect with your kids around their interests - even if they don't interest you. Roya's advice is practical and actionable immediately.

After implementing some of her suggestions, both my kiddo and I feel better about how much time he engages with Minecraft and YouTube. We've even started playing a new video game together! He has said multiple times to me how happy it makes him for us to spend time together playing and relaxing.

I am confident if I had not implemented some of these things, we would be endlessly arguing about screen time and video games. Instead - we get to spend quality time together, laugh and have fun!

-Erin Harwood

Improve your lives in just about every way, including…

  • Anxiety

  • ADHD

  • Depression

  • Worry about growing up

  • Screen time issues

  • Feeling not good enough

  • Fighting with siblings

  • Bedtime battles

  • Fighting about daily routines

  • Assertiveness

  • Friend drama

  • Medical anxiety

  • Apathy or boredom

  • Self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Social anxiety

  • Time Blindness

  • Outbursts

  • Trying new things