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An online parenting group, created by LMFT Roya Dedeaux

Where we focus on working through barriers that get in the way of you connecting with your kid.

Worried about their interests? Scared they are spending too much time on that one thing? Just want them to be happy but hate their most recent passion? 

Roya will be providing several exercises a week through the group, giving you a guided and supported way to explore the things that get in the way of you and your children. 

$36 one time enrollment fee, $28 per month, join anytime. 







The logistics:

Cost: $28/month, and a one time $36 enrollment fee

Location: Facebook group link provided after payment


What do I get, exactly?

Regular posts in the Facebook group giving you exercises and ideas for cutting out and dealing with barriers to supporting your children. You'll get the type of exercises I do with my clients, a sort of combo of a therapy session with a self help work book, on an ongoing, consistent platform.

Each month has a different theme, and each week has several exercises and prompts.

When can I join?

You can sign up at any time during the month and your membership goes for a full month from the time of your purchase. For example, if you sign up on the 6th of July, your membership carries over until the 6th of August.

When can I leave?

You can leave the group anytime. You will not be refunded any amount for a month already in progress, but you will not be charged for leaving - no cancellation fees or anything!

How do I join?

This link will take you to a google form. Fill that out and follow the link there to get to the PayPal subscription for payment! The "success" message there will have the link to the facebook group.

I missed the next set of instructions, can you send them to me?

Fill out the enrollment form here

Pay here

Request to join the facebook group here