Soft Skills Training

for businesses

A training package starts with your business filling out this form. This gives me an idea of what kind of organization you are, and what training might be most useful.

I will reach out, and we will set up a time to talk in more depth.

Effective training solves problems. It addresses the gaps in your current skills, it looks at the stuck points, and gives you more tools to use when there are barriers. 

Take a look at the list of "soft skills" on this page. These are the solutions! Once we have identified your organizational needs, we will choose the most impactful soft skills to emphasize in the training.


The cost of your training includes a discussion about what problems you would like to solve, the strengths and qualities you already have that are helpful in solving them, the areas of weakness and challenges. 

I will take your information and feedback and create a dynamic training that will be a mix of hands-on exercises, group work & conversation, and content specifically designed to increase the traits needed to solve your team's problems. 

Projects started but never completed?
Increase leadership, teamwork, or communication.
Details falling through the cracks?
Increase accountability, communication & a shared vision.
Conflict between groups or individuals?
Increase communication, playfulness & goal achievement.


Inspire others and set the tone for your team. Explore different leadership styles and methods for motivation and encouragement, communication and effectiveness.


Use individual strengths for a common goal, look at your diversity as a strength, practice solving problems and working together in a way that highlights your group strength.


Exercise parts of the brain that lead to expression and ideas, value your sense of playfulness and outside-the-box thinking that leads to inventiveness and great ideas!


Increase quality and quantity of communication, different methods of interacting, increase awareness of communication types and the roles we play out through different communication styles. 

Problem Solving

Increase your solution-oriented mindset, and view problems as a challenge rather than as a threat. Employ your creativity and communication as you work towards resolution.


Set boundaries, speak up, own space and have ownership over your good ideas. Assertiveness is the sweet spot between passivity and aggression, learn how to get things done.

Divergent Thinking

Divergent thinking is the ability to look at one problem and come up with a lot of possible solutions. It requires creativity, teamwork, communication, inventiveness, and courage. 

Feeling stuck or stymied?
Increase divergent thinking, creativity & assertiveness.
Disconnect between mission and day to day tasks?
Increase assertiveness, communication & teamwork.
Resentful atmosphere or high number of complaints?
Increase playfulness, communication & teamwork.