"Roya is a breath of fresh air on this heavy topic. So much popular advice is to limit and punish teens, but Roya embraces teens for the incredible people they are and talks about how to encourage and support them as they grow into adults." --Melissa Y

"Roya teaches self reflection through several different modalities which can lead to more fulfilling choices to better handle life's many challenges, improving your mood and deepening your relationship." --Lucretia

"We hired Roya to lead our company of about 45 people through so many fun and collaborative exercises. It was a smash hit! Everyone was engaged and smiling (even the grumpy ones). Lots of hidden lessons in the play, and the flow was perfect for the team. She was super easy to work with - professional and passionate. Highly recommended!"


"Roya is fabulous. She has the capacity to listen, to inspire, to spread joy and to advocate for children unlike any I have witnessed before. She provides information in a way that is accessible and applicable almost immediately. If you have the chance to work with her you will walk away enriched every time."