About Roya's webinars...

"Roya is a breath of fresh air on this heavy topic. So much popular advice is to limit and punish teens, but Roya embraces teens for the incredible people they are and talks about how to encourage and support them as they grow into adults." --Melissa Y


"I found the webinar very helpful and thought provoking. It helped alleviate some fears I had as well as have me ideas on what I can do to connect with my kiddo in a more meaningful way." Amy P.

"Roya's webinar was very helpful. She's calm, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I'll definitely come back to work with her in other ways!" Jessica

"This webinar was great. It opened my eyes to things I probably knew deep down but need that outside person to say it. She has so much insight and knowledge that helps you feel much more calm and trusting of your decisions." Krista

About Roya's therapy...

"Roya is fabulous. She has the capacity to listen, to inspire, to spread joy and to advocate for children unlike any I have witnessed before. She provides information in a way that is accessible and applicable almost immediately. If you have the chance to work with her you will walk away enriched every time." Shannon


"Roya teaches self reflection through several different modalities which can lead to more fulfilling choices to better handle life's many challenges, improving your mood and deepening your relationship." --Lucretia

About Roya's books...

Praise for Connect with Courage

"Connect with Courage is an absolute marvel of a book. It is energizing, fascinating, brilliant, and healing all at once. The practical insights in this book will resonate with every parent who wants to create a closer-knit family and to cultivate more curiosity, creativity and courage not just in their children, but in their own lives as well."
Jane McGonigal, PhD, bestselling author of SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully


"Connect with Courage is now on my "favorite books" bookshelf!" -- Maggie

"The more parents who see the absolute wisdom and compassion in this approach to parenting, the healthier and happier our world will be. The writing is excellent and the content is essential. Everyone who interacts with children in any way must read this book." Tara

"I love the way the book is laid out, the questions and ideas presented are always done gently and with curiosity." Gwen

Praise for This Is The Head That I Have

"I bought this book for my daughter who is new to counseling. I love that it intentionally highlights and uses terminology like “my therapist” because that helped her connect and reduces any latent shame for all of us. The pictures are exquisite and the figurative language used is great for readers or all ages." Rachel

"This charming book helps kids and their adults develop a shared language for the experience of internal self in the world. The whimsical collage art will delight any age." Renee

About Roya's Play with Purpose Group

"We all left the group feeling empowered by the activity!" Erin

"What we do, and what is super meaningful to me, is our weekly zoom meetings where Roya leads us in a discussion and creative activity. It's incredibly difficult to explain what we do, I imagine it's a bit like group play therapy, which I wasn't looking for but apparently love, while doing a coloring project or collage, which I didn't think I needed, but have been missing from my life! I have found the group to be very motivating and empowering and now consider it a huge part of my mental self care. It's nothing like I imagined or ever heard of when you talk about goal setting groups. It's nothing like I've ever experienced before, and I love it!" Katheryn

About Roya's business coaching...

"We hired Roya to lead our company of about 45 people through so many fun and collaborative exercises. It was a smash hit! Everyone was engaged and smiling (even the grumpy ones). Lots of hidden lessons in the play, and the flow was perfect for the team. She was super easy to work with - professional and passionate. Highly recommended!" --Nehal