for your group

I provide engaging and dynamic workshops tailored for your group. My most popular topics are related to:

How to increase and honor creativity in yourself & children

Parenting and relationships

The benefits of recreation and leisure

Externalizing and dealing with fears and barriers to success

Connecting with courage

Goal achievement


Soft Skills Training

for your business

I provide training for every size business, whether they are small-group breakout sessions or large team meetings. My most popular training topics are related to:

Increased creativity in the workplace

Team building and problem solving together

Brainstorming & Critical Thinking: improve effectiveness

 Goal achievement


Keynote Talks

for your conference

I am available for "main talk" style of presentations for your conference. My most popular talks are on the following subjects:

Mental health & play

Parenting through interest-led learning

How children learn

Connecting and building relationships with your child

"Lean-in" parenting

Values at play