Congruency is the feeling of your inner self and outer self being one – a comfortable and whole sense of self. When you don’t feel like you can express yourself, congruency is impossible. Talking to someone, using art, painting, drawing, writing, music, sand tray and other hands-on mediums can be a way to dig deep and get closer to the person you want to be. My therapy practice provides just that.

I am here to help facilitate communication, awareness, and the therapeutic process in a creative way that is best for the individual or family. You will not find a one-size-fits-all approach here, instead we will work together to find an individualized approach that helps you express the self you want to be.



I am available to meet with you in my office in Los Alamitos, near the communities of Cypress, Rossmoor, Seal Beach, Long Beach and surrounding areas. Therapy done in this setting provides a consistent, safe place for clients to process, work with art, sandtray, crochet or knitting, or other therapeutic modalities best suited for the more traditional setting of sitting inside! 


I also provide in person sessions while walking in beautiful natural settings. These are best suited to individual sessions, and for people who like to move while they process. Sometimes it can be hard to sit still and talk, and these "walk and talk sessions" are great for combining both the physical benefits of walking and the emotional benefits of therapy.


I also provide online sessions to those who have difficulties getting to either in-person appointment types. These can be done via video chat, phone, or text. We will talk together to determine the best fit for you. This is a great option for clients with small kids at home, who live too far to make in-person convenient, or for homeschool coaching.


I offer individual & family therapy for children and adults. I can also provide workshops or talks for your organization or group.

Most sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes, once a week. If either of those time frames need to be changed to fit you better, we can absolutely make adjustments!

Therapy can

  • help you build confidence in your decisions,

  • increase your awareness of your emotions,

  • provide a safe place to talk,

  • help your children build self-esteem,

  • manage and express their emotions,

  • help your relationships,

  • improve your communication, understanding, and compassion,

  • help your family build empathy,

  • practice tools for harmonious living,

  • and help you work through transitions together.