Meet Roya Dedeaux

Hi y'all!

I'm Roya Dedeaux (rhymes with play-dough) and I'm a licensed therapist, author, grown homeschooler, and mother.

I stumbled my way into private practice by way of thinking I would run an art therapy camp, leading adults with disabilities on international trips, working in community mental health, and teaching in the rec and leisure department of our local university.

It turns out - I absolutely love working with kids, teens, and their parents - so here I am! Over a decade of private practice, 2 books, and a lot of clients later. 

You and I would be a good fit if you (or your kid)

  • Are into video games (or your kid is and you aren't so much)

  • Appreciates creative outlets like drawing, music, or writing

  • If you know or suspect ADHD is involved

  • If traditional school isn't working for you

  • You have experienced more than your fair share of anxiety, stress, overwhelm, or low self-esteem

  • You are struggling to express yourself, either personally or professionally

  • You want a better relationship with your kids​


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