"I wish my parents had had access to a workbook like this when I was younger. Honestly, my dad had a lot of fears about my personal interests (marine biology and boating), and those fears made it so that I wasn't allowed anything to do with them! I loved my dad, and really wanted him to be happy with me, and deeply internalized that there was something wrong with me for being interested in the ocean! 

I was lucky - I had another mentor who encouraged me to pursue my interests, and I was able to ultimately prove to my father how valuable my interests could be. But I think sadly of the years I felt like there was something standing between my father and I, and I really wish he had taken the steps earlier to deal with his fears." --Moana, Motunui

"My parents were so fearful of my talents that they spent a fair amount of energy trying to deny, dismiss, and ultimately squash them out of me. It was a terrible time. I was scared, and I felt like I needed to be isolated and the thing that they thought was wrong with me would hurt others. 

It impacted my relationships, my identity... the core of who I was. I wish I had had parents who had taken a few moments to realize they were operating out of fear, and instead of sending the message that there was something wrong with me, had found resources and supported my interests. If they had had this workbook, I think my life would have been so different. I would have learned to love myself and have better relationships with the people around me, especially my sister, who I know I hurt. I highly recommend Protect their Passions to all parents, especially if their kid has an interest or talent that they don't quite understand." Elsa, Arendelle

"My dad was such a strong supporter of my quirks growing up. He was a pretty quirky, eccentric guy himself, and it was just the two of us in a pretty rural place. I was so lucky to have him especially since I didn't really find many other supportive people where I lived. When I saw this workbook, I thought about how powerful it would have been if more adults around me had the same supportive views as my dad. I grew up feeling really different, and thought I was strange and alone. If more people read this workbook and did the exercises, I think it could impact not only their own kids, but society as a whole. Think of how many creative kids are getting their natural curiosity squelched because their parents aren't 'protecting their passions.' Definitely give this workbook a 5 Rose Review." Belle, Small Provincial Town

"My parents died in a car crash when I was very young. It was really traumatic - I had issues with the foster care system, our house caught fire...it was a pretty scary time when I was little. I was so, so lucky to have had parents who supported my deep love of Elvis music and photography, and instilled that ability to be supportive in my one remaining caregiver: my older sister. Being able to turn to those things I loved in those terrible times -- I credit that with my resilience and ability to continue forming healthy relationships. I think Protect Their Passions can really help other parents do what mine did: support their kids interests and help build their self esteem, even when those interests seem sort of unusual or even bizarre." -- Lilo, Kauai

"My step-mother was unequivably abusive, growing up. As an adult, I can understand better how her deep-seated fears led to her terrible treatment of me, although it has taken years to get to this point. I wonder if she had had a workbook like this, or gone to therapy, if she would have been able to deal with her baggage and been able to parent me from a place of understanding and compassion, rather than fear and antagonism. I recommend this workbook to parents of all types, no matter how old their children are." --Cinderella, Castle in France

"I had such weird interests growing up! No one in my family knew what to do with me! It would have been funny, if it weren't so tragic. I felt so alone, but so driven, that I did elaborate things to hide my passions. I had secret stashes, met up with strangers... I look back and shudder, thinking about some of the really dangerous situations I got myself into. I wish my dad had read this workbook - if he had been able to support me in my passions, we could have built a collection together, he could have used his (considerable) resources to help connect me with knowledgable people. It could have been something that brought us together, if he had shown me he could be trusted to support me. Instead, it drove a wedge between us, and put me in some really sketchy and dangerous circumstances. I definitely will be working through this book, so that I don't do that to my kids." --Ariel, Castle by the Sea