Why Do People Go To Therapy Anyway??

Welcome to the blog of Roya Dedeaux, Marriage and Family Therapist. You are reading one of the posts in my “Shrinking the Stigma” series – where I will answer questions people have about the logistics and process of therapy. Because of its confidential nature, we tend to shroud the therapy process in so much mystery! My blog attempts to dispel that mystery and make it easier for you to use it as the wonderful resource it can be. Check out the other blog posts at royadedeaux.com

What are some reasons people go to therapy?

I will write another, richer, blog post about this - but in the meantime, I thought I’d gather a list of reasons I’ve heard of for why someone seeks therapy. Some people go to therapy because…

They are having panic attacks and want to stop

They have anxiety about something specific (traveling, earthquakes, leaving the house, growing up)

They are transitioning from living at home to living alone and want help figuring that out.

They feel like they have low self-esteem.

They keep fighting with their spouse or partner.

They want a better relationship with their children.

They want a better relationship with their parents.

It is the anniversary of a death or loss and they’d like help processing grief.

They have recently gone through a loss or death and want help processing their grief.

They have past abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) they realize is affecting their current relationships and would like to process that.

They have current abuse (physical, sexual, emotional) and want help dealing with an unsafe situation.

They are deciding to stay at or leave a job.

They feel stressed out all the time.

They want to understand themselves better.

They keep facing situations that cause them anxiety and want to figure out the pattern.

They keep hearing negative voices from their past and want help doing better.

They are pregnant and want to be a better parent.

They are having trouble getting pregnant and want to process what that means for their sense of self.

They want better tools for communication.

They find themselves getting angry very easily and want help managing that.

They have estranged children or other family members and want to initiate contact.

They have just discovered new and painful information about someone they love.

They have recently broken up with a significant other and want help grieving or moving on.

They feel like they are having trouble expressing who they really are.

They are having trouble making friends.

They have felt really, overwhelmingly sad for a while and do not know how to stop.