Resources for parents of anxious children

Anxiety in kids and teenagers is rising.

1 in 3 kids will experience an anxiety disorder.

They've also got tremendous amounts of world...STUFF to navigate. So it makes sense if your kiddo is dealing with stress, pressure, or overwhelm!

This is a collection of resources from licensed therapist Roya Dedeaux from a playful parenting approach.

This list is designed to give you and your kids and teens tools to help deal with anxiety. There are resources for social anxiety, worry about the future, and even tools for parents who are anxious about their kids.

This resource list has webinars, games, and books for parents of kids of all ages.

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If you've got teenagers experiencing anxiety

"Roya's webinar really made me more aware of how some of the behaviors that I've seen out of my kids are anxiety related - and now I have the tools to help them!"


For little ones with big feelings

This is the Head That I Have

written and illustrated by Roya Dedeaux LMFT

"I bought this book for my daughter who is new to counseling. I love that it intentionally highlights and uses terminology like “my therapist” because that helped her connect and reduces any latent shame for all of us. The pictures are exquisite and the figurative language used is great for readers or all ages."


Anxious about your kids video game play?

"This webinar was great. It opened my eyes to things I probably knew deep down but need that outside person to say it. She has so much insight and knowledge that helps you feel much more calm and trusting of your decisions."

Connect with Courage is Roya's full length parenting book!

"Connect with Courage is an absolute marvel of a book. It is energizing, fascinating, brilliant, and healing all at once. The practical insights in this book will resonate with every parent who wants to create a closer-knit family and to cultivate more curiosity, creativity and courage not just in their children, but in their own lives as well."

Jane McGonigal, PhD, bestselling author of SuperBetter: The Power of Living Gamefully


Social anxiety?