Parenting during a pandemic SUCKS

"I just feel like crying all the time"

"I was waiting and waiting for school to start to get back to my work, but it's not going to last long."

"I feel overwhelmed, it's so much worse this time around."

"I'm angry with everyone, irritable with my kids, and then feeling guilty because they're anxious too..."

"I feel like there's no one I can talk to about this because we are all in the same anxious boat"

If you have said, thought, or felt any of these -- you are not alone.

I have talked to hundreds of moms these past few weeks who describe the overwhelm, fear, and heaviness of getting ready for another school year in an ongoing global pandemic. It's a LOT.

I want you to have your feelings, *and* be the safe person for your kids. Because they're having feelings too.

So you need a place. You need a space that is created and held for you by someone trained in handling this level of emotion, trauma, anger, grief, and upset.

You also need solutions, and you need them fast.

I'm offering a 30 minute zoom call, where you will leave with 5 solid solutions to get a little more calm and a lot more connection with your kids. A Pandemic Parenting Reset. A place to untangle some of the knot in your chest.

It's gonna be quick, because who has time right now for anything else -- and you will have tools you can put in place right away. You'll get the recording to look back on when you need it, and you'll get a little cheat sheet you can print and keep around for even more help.

It's free, with a suggested donation of $20. But -- and I really, really mean this - come even if you don't have the $20. I have tools to help moms, which in turn help your kids, and that's important to me.

5-5:30pm Pacific time Sunday September 12th. Please register even if you aren't paying, so I can send you the cheat sheet and recording afterwards.

Register here!

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