My relationship with Brooklyn 99

The Best TV Relationships

It’s February and people sure like talking about luuuvvv in this short, cold month - and I am very, very, very into all of my TV streaming services.. as you know, if you’ve been reading along these last few months! Everything keeps coming back to TV. Sorry, not sorry. I thought I’d make a list of my favorite functional tv relationships.

Sorry for spoilers. But c’mon. Watch more television. ;o)

So here’s my list of Winners of Relationships!


Jake & Amy (Brooklyn 99)

Ben & Leslie (Parks & Rec)

Andy and April (Parks & Rec)


Jake and Boyle (Brooklyn 99)

Eleanor & Tahani (The Good Place)

Amy and Rosa (Brooklyn 99)


Hilda and her mom (Hilda)


Ron & Leslie (Parks & Rec)

Rosa & Amy (Brooklyn 99)

Eleanor & Michael (The Good Place)

So here is what I have learned from my list: Mike Schur comedies are wonderful for many reasons, and one is that they consistently have engaging, realistic, supportive relationships of all kinds!

So… what’s the deal with these relationships? Why are they so great? And NO it’s not just because, fictional. What do they do that makes them seem so wonderful? Here are the patterns that I see.


Not only do they treat each other with respect outwardly, they also totally respect and admire traits about the other person. Ben Wyatt is blown away by Leslie’s work ethic after knowing her for about 2 seconds. Jake Peralta completely adores Amy Santiago’s pursuit of knowledge and esoteric infor