5 fun ways to use Venture Forth: The Game

Updated: Sep 20

5 fun ways to use Venture Forth: The Game

Created by Roya Dedeaux, a licensed therapist and author of Connect with Courage.

Have you seen my card game, Venture Forth? It's a game for those in need of a mild adventure, and I've been having SO MUCH FUN hearing how different people are using them!

Today I heard from a customer that her and her husband have been using them for date nights! "Whenever we feel like we don't want to plan something for a date, we use them! We had so much fun figuring out what to do with the random ladle we had to bring with us!"

I can't tell you how much I love to hear that they are getting connection, fun, and play out of Venture Forth: The Game!

Here's how you play:

Each deck comes with 3 categories of cards: Destination Cards, Quest Cards, and Object Cards.

Each has 4 options on them.

You draw a decision card to find out if you'll be picking the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th item on the list.

Then draw a Destination Card. That tells you where you are headed!

Then, a Quest Card. That tells you what you're trying to accomplish while you're there!

Lastly, draw an Object Card.

The Object Card will tell you a specific item to bring with you -- but wait!

I've got 5 other ways you could use this card to add some extra whimsy and magic to your adventure!

  1. While at your destination and while doing the quest - you have to also hand the object to at least 3 people without telling them why!

  2. Find at least 3 matching items while on your adventure.

  3. Photograph the item in 3 funny/weird/strange/unique ways while you're on your Quest!

  4. Leave the object at the Destination site in a way that improves it.

  5. Gift the object to someone in a magnificent manner.

Have you heard of the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) term Pleasant Activity Scheduling? It's basically the idea that when you are experiencing anxiety or depression and struggle with finding enjoyment - you plan activities and outings you've enjoyed before and just *decide* to do them because they are on the calendar - whether or not you feel like it.

Venture Forth takes that idea and makes it a touch more palatable. Sometimes all we need is a gentle shove and a mild adventure!

Have fun!


Roya Dedeaux is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with several decades of working with teens and their families. She especially loves to work with homeschoolers and folks who feel like they don’t quite “fit the mold.” She is also the author of Connect with Courage: how to release fear and find joy in the places your kids take you. Check out her work, webinars, games, and other projects at www.royadedeaux.com

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