Online Therapy Sessions

The benefits of therapy are endless – restored self esteem, better relationships, increased happiness, less anxiety and depression. So why don’t we all go to therapy every week? Sometimes our challenges are such that getting out the door to a therapy appointment – even when we know it would be helpful – is just too big an obstacle to get around.

That is why I offer private and confidential therapy online.

  • It’s convenient – you can sit at your computer in your own home or office, or even use an app on your phone! You can seek out help at the times you need it most!

  • It’s flexible – with technology being what it is, going on vacation or having family visit (some of the two most stressful times in our lives!) used to mean a break in therapy. With online therapy you can continue your sessions no matter where you are.

  • It saves you money – save on gas, babysitting, and the other factors involved with getting you to a therapy office!

  • And most importantly…It is effective. The American Psychiatric Association has shown the same rates of satisfaction among consumers of online therapy as those engaged in in-person therapy!

Online Sessions

Where are sessions held? Online using a therapist video chat program called You will need a good internet connection, camera and mic for video sessions. If you prefer text-only or phone, we can discuss the best way to do that together.

What can I Expect? Our first few sessions will be you giving me your history, telling me about what brought you to therapy, and getting to know each other. We will quickly jump into talking about your goals, what you'd like to get out of these sessions, and explore your patterns, relationships, boundaries, sense of self-worth, or anything else that comes up for you. I often use art, even in online sessions, especially if you've already got a stash of markers, crayons, or colored pencils! Don't let the idea of doing artwork scare you. You do not need any art experience (or talent) to benefit from the process of creative therapy. I like to end with some sort of intention or focus for the week, and we'll make sure your next appointment is scheduled, and off you go - feeling a little more aware and congruent than you did before. I do my online sessions from my private office, but do ask that you take steps to ensure your own privacy, at whatever level makes the therapeutic process work best for you. I understand for many of my clients there are little kids or nursing babies that need attention even during sessions!

How much do they cost? Each 50 minute session is $150, payable by PayPal. I do not take insurance, but I can provide a "super bill" to you, if your insurance company will reimburse you. Sessions are usually scheduled for 50 minute sessions, once a week, but that changes depending on your needs, schedule, and progress.

What do I need to do to make an appointment? Go to "make an appointment" and find an opening in my calendar. You'll be asked to make an account, which will ask for your name, email, address and will track your bookings for you. Once you have logged in, you will see a menu on the right side with forms and directions for logging in/getting to your appointments. Print out the forms, fill them out, and email them back to me. Once you've paid via PayPal, I'll know you have confirmed your appointment time.