Homeschool Coaching

As a grown homeschooler, I understand the importance of having someone you trust with your parenting and educational philosophies.

I have heard too often the story of a homeschooler being told that their struggles could be solved "just by putting their kids in school." For current homeschoolers seekingout a mental health professional, it would be helpful to be able to use your time on the real issues, not on educating your therapist about the benefits and legalities of homeschooling.

I also offer coaching for people just getting started with homeschooling, or are interested in adjusting their educational lifestyle to be focused more on their individual child and their child's interests. If you are overwhelmed by options, by the thought of "how do I get started?" or "what happens if I fail?" please contact me to begin sessions. We will work through logistics and fears in order to best serve your children and your family. 

I offer homeschool coaching both online and in-person, so that you can get straight to the other stuff - knowing I understand your lifestyle background.

In-Office Sessions

Where are sessions held?

In person appointments are held in a business complex off of Katella in Los Alamitos, CA. Exact address provided once you have scheduled your first appointment. You can also choose to schedule a nature session appointment, if you are local.

Online appointments are wherever you are! The instructions for logging into to "" are available once you have scheduled your appointment.

What can I Expect?

Understanding and nonjudgemental coaching to help you with difficult transitions, educational decisions, family dynamics, communication, or if anxiety or depression are impacting your homeschooling family.


For in-person sessions:

My office is located in a business complex off of Katella (near the Costco and Race Track). I share a waiting room with another therapist - sometimes she is there and there may be another person in the waiting room with you. For your first session, come a few minutes early to finish your paperwork in the waiting room. If I have a client before you, I'll come out to greet you at your scheduled time.


For nature sessions:

We will meet at El Dorado Park and walk while we talk!


For all sessions:


Our first few sessions will be you giving me your history, telling me about what brought you to therapy, and getting to know each other.

We will quickly jump into talking about your goals, what you'd like to get out of these sessions, and explore your patterns, relationships, boundaries, sense of self-worth, or anything else that comes up for you. I often use collage or other artistic mediums in my practice - but don't let that scare you. You do not need any art experience (or talent) to benefit from the process of creative therapy. I like to send my clients out the door with some sort of intention or focus for the week, and we'll make sure your next appointment is scheduled, and off you go - feeling a little more aware and congruent than you did before.

How much do they cost? Each 50 minute session is $150, payable by check or cash. Nature sessions are $140 due to the park entrance fee. I do not take insurance, but I can provide a "super bill" to you, if your insurance company will reimburse you. Sessions in my office are usually scheduled for 50 minute sessions, once a week, but that changes depending on your needs, schedule, and progress.

What do I need to do to make an appointment? Go to "make an appointment" and find an opening in my calendar. You'll be asked to make an account, which will ask for your name, email, address and will track your bookings for you. Once you have logged in, you will see a menu on the right side with forms and directions for logging in/getting to your appointments. Print out the forms, fill them out, and email them back to me (or bring them to your first session). Once you've paid via PayPal (for in-person sessions, it is okay to bring cash or a check to your first appointment). I'll know you have confirmed your appointment time. 

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