Business Values Survey 

for everyone from owners to employees

As a soft skills business trainer, I am always striving to incorporate the newest research about impact and effectiveness into my trainings! 

What I have been finding has lead me to wanting to explore even more.

I am currently gathering information from anyone who works in any industry regarding the values, qualities, and traits you think are important in the workplace.

The survey should take about 5 minutes to complete. When I get enough results to start making connections, check back here or join my email list to see what we've found!

You are qualified to take this survey if you:

  • are working full time, part time, or are a temporary employee

  • work at a small business or massive corporation

  • are self-employed, do independent consulting, or are in multi-level marketing.

  • founded your own company, are middle management, are in an entry-level position, or anything in between

  • work in any industry, from food service to sales

Results from survey
Coming soon!