Hi! I'm Roya Dedeaux (rhymes with Play-Doh)

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, author, speaker, and experienced homeschooler.

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Play! Without it we can’t solve problems. We need creativity in parenting and teamwork in business. We need the skills we learn and practice in play, and we need the resilience and optimism to use them.

Through my work as a therapist, author, trainer, teacher, speaker, coach, parent, homeschooler, & maker

I keep seeing the same message: Play has Purpose. Immense purpose. Life changing purpose. World changing purpose.

Play gives us the foundation to learn skills and increase our ability to use them.

Playfulness enhances teamwork, problem solving, and creativity - qualities that businesses benefit from!

Playfulness improves our communication, self-esteem, and confidence! These are skills parents want for their children's success.

Playfulness leads to resilience, productivity, assertiveness, and conflict management.

It helps us have happier lives, learn from failures, and approach problems with the knowledge that we can thrive through hardship. 


Increasing these vital traits can happen in several ways. 

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